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If you want to know about generic pharmaceuticals - please contact us to see how we can help.

40 years’ experience of the European pharmaceutical industry in general and 35 years in generics in particular gives Interpharm the background to help you with whatever issues you may be facing.


Whether you are thinking about:

  • Generic or Biosimilar Business Development,
  • Introducing your generic or biosimilar products into Europe
  • Generic product out-licensing in Europe or the United States
  • Market intelligence and pricing for generics and biosimilars
  • Finding new products (see Generic Dossiers for details of dossiers available now)
  • How to devise an effective defence strategy to protect your brands against generic competition
  • Entering into the biosimilars market
  • Bioequivalence studies for your generic developments
  • Upgrading your facilities to EU-GMP standards

please contact us. We can also help with in-house training that is tailored to your company’s individual needs on topics such as understanding the generic market and the legal and IP issues that affect it. To find out more about training and symposia and previous speaking engagements please see the Curriculum Vitae page.

Please follow the link in order to download a recent White Paper on Biosimilars published by PTI.


 What we do

Interpharm Consultancy has been serving the generic pharmaceutical

industryInterpharm brochure since 1997. With a background of over 35 years in generics,

we specialise in:-

  • advising on growth strategies or market entry strategies 
  • helping with business development
  • researching competitive intelligence
  • providing a link between firms in the UK and overseas companies trying to gain entry into this very competitive marketplace
  • training on understanding the generic marketplace, IP and regulatory issues
  • locating products and registration dossiers for UK companies and
  • assisting branded companies to plan their defence strategies against generics
  • offering help to companies looking for generic acquisitions

Examples of previous projects

Interpharm has worked with a number of companies on a variety of generic related projects. Here are a few examples of these assignments:

Generic companies (generally for non-EU clients)

  • Identified potential business partners for companies trying to enter EU generic market
  • Organised meetings and helped negotiate deals with generic multinationals
  • Assisted with generic product out-licensing in Europe and the United States
  • Supplied business intelligence and competitors
  • Researched competitor prices across 20+ EU states
  • Provided information on legal and regulatory framework to identify best registration method and timing
  • Researched market potential for new developments and helped to select target markets
  • Identified potential patent problems and advised on possible solutions
  • Assisted with resolving GMP deficiencies identified in audit by regulatory authority
  • Found Marketing Authorisations or dossiers for specific target products on behalf of clients

Some clients have asked for more than one of these services them and certain activities have been carried out for several clients

Services provided to branded companies

  • Researched potential generic competition to brands with imminent patent expiry
  • Analysis of potential weaknesses and vulnerability to generic competition
  • Advised on strategies for possible entry into the generics business
  • Advised on strategies for dealing with generic competition (several companies)
  • Run seminars for senior management on the generic industry and how it differs from branded pharma
  • Advised branded company on possible strategies for launching their own generic
  • Conducted various ad-hoc market research projects, not always related to generics

Market intelligence

Interpharm has assisted a number of major competitive intelligence companies with research and collecting data on topics such as:-

  • Probable launch dates for new generic entrants into the US market
  • Status of companies’ compliance with GMP following FDA audit
  • Status of new formulation development
  • KOL opinions regarding new entrants in US epilepsy market
  • Identification of possible new entrants into generic opioid market
  • Potential impact of new entries into the US and European haemophilia market

Please click here to obtain an overview of the other services that Interpharm can offer including very competitively priced bioequivalence and biosimilar clinical studies through a partnership with Cliantha Research in India.

Speaking engagements

A list of forthcoming speaking engagements and seminars can be found on the News page

Recent publication

Please click here for a copy of a recent Biosimilars White Paper published on the PTI website


Previous reports

To learn more about a report on Biosimilars and Biobetters please click on the link to Biobetters: Major Players and Market Prospects published by FirstWord for further information or see the News page. The report looks at the biobetters market and how interest has mounted in what is still a very young market. The report reviews the role Biosimilars have played, presents the rationale behind biobetters and how interest is is stirring in their development. In addition, the report concisely outlines how companies are evolving biobetters, the areas of greatest potential and reviews the ‘Achilles Heel’ of immunogenicity.

  • Future appearances

 For news about future speaking engagements, please go to the News page.

At this site, you can learn more about Interpharm’s services, as well as how we can help your company to find its way into the UK or other European generic markets.TOP


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