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NAME:  Peter Wittner B.Sc.

ADDRESS:  Szold Street 9c, Raanana, Israel 4321805

PHONE: +44-(0)20-8446-5572     MOBILE PHONE: +972 58 773 4238

E-MAIL: peter@interpharm-consultancy.co.uk 

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Manchester, EnglandPW_Photo_2011

  • LANGUAGES:    
    • French  - Fluent
    • German - Fluent
    • Spanish - Good
    • Italian  - Moderate
    • Dutch  - Can translate
    • Portuguese - Can translate

Profile: Specialist in generics. Effective negotiator, achiever and organiser with extensive Sales & Marketing and business development experience in the international pharmaceutical industry at senior level supported by a technical background. High level of computer literacy combined with good analytical skills and ability to manage major projects.  


Nov 97 to date: Interpharm Consultancy - Running own independent pharmaceutical consultancy providing advice to small and medium sized companies in various European countries and India on international marketing strategies. Main area of expertise is generics including:-

      • Business Development
      • competitive intelligence
      • patent, regulatory and commercial issues
      • product sourcing
      • acting as agent for supplier of generic registration dossiers
      • acting as agent for CRO specialising in clinical work and biostudies
      • development of promotional materials,

    For information on my career before Interpharm, please see here


Conferences and workshops

  • Speaker and discussion panel member at Marcus Evans “2nd Annual Portfolio Management Strategies for Generics and Biosimilars” Amsterdam, September 26-27, 2017
  • Joint presenter of generic training sessions at Fleming Events “Sustainable Strategies for Generics & Biosimilars”, Basel, Switzerland, March 2017.
  • Moderator of workshop at Marcusevans "Strategic Product & Portfolio Management for Generics", Prague, September 2016
  • Discussion panel member at Virtue Insight’s 8th Biosimilars Congregation, London, March 2016
  • Speaker and roundtable discussion moderator at Health Networks World Generic Medicines Congress Europe 2016 in Barcelona, February 2016
  • Presenter of half-day workshop on €Biosimilars - Regulatory and Commercial Issues €,  for SMi, London, September 2015
  • Presenter of full-day workshop on €IP and the Generics Industry € for MK Consulting, Istanbul, April 2015
  • Speaker at Virtue Insight 6th Biosimilars Congregation 2015 € conference, London, February 2014
  • Speaker at Biosimilars & Biobetters€Conference for SMi , London October 2014
  • Presenter of full-day workshop € IP and the Generics Industry € for Management Forum, London May 2014
  • Chairman of Health Networks €Biosimilar Drug Development World 2014 €, Barcelona, April 2014
  • Speaker at EBCG €4th Annual Pharma PPM Toolbox € conference Zurich, March 2014
  • Speaker at Virtue Insight €4th Biosimilars Congregation 2014 € conference, London, February 2014
  • Presenter of full-day workshop on €IP and the Generics Industry € for MK Consulting, Istanbul, December 2013
  • Presenter of half-day workshop  on €Biosimilars - Regulation and Reality € for SMi, London, December 2013
  • Presenter of half-day workshop  on €Biosimilars - Regulatory and Commercial Issues € at SMi €Biosmilars & Biobetters € conference, London, September 2013
  • Presenter of workshop on €IP and the Generics Industry € for SMi, London, July 2013
  • Speaker at €SMi Generics, Supergenerics and Patent Strategies € conference, London, May 2013
  • Speaker at Virtue Insight €2nd Biosimilars Congregation 2013 € conference, London, February 2013
  • Speaker at SMi €Biosmilars & Biobetters € conference, London, September 2012
  • Presenter of half-day workshop  on €Biosimilars - Regulatory and Commercial Issues €, for Health Network, London, February 2012
  • Chairman of 2-day conference and speaker at €Global Generic Strategy Summit € for Informa Life Sciences, Berlin, September 2011
  • Presenter of half-day workshop  on €Biosimilars - Regulatory and Commercial Issues €, for Health Network, London, February 2011
  • Presenter of half-day workshop on €Biosimilars - Regulatory and Commercial Issues €,  for SMi, London, May and September 2010
  • Presenter of one-day seminars on €Generic Medicine, IP/Legal & Regulatory Issues € for Management Forum in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, November 2009
  • Presenter of half-day workshops for SMi on €Intellectual Property and Generics €, London, December 2008 and May 2009
  • Presenter of seminar on €Generic Medicine, IP/Legal & Regulatory Issues € for Management Forum, London, October 2008
  • Joint presenter of workshop on €Generic Strategic Business Models € together with Dr. Malcolm Ross of Generapharm. at the Global Generics Strategy Summit in Barcelona, March 2008
  • Speaker at Global Generic Medicines Summit in London, February 2008 on the topic of €An Indian Overview
  • €Speaker on the topic of €Creating a Generic Biodrug Company € at BioMalaysia 2007, Kuala Lumpur, November 2007
  • Presenter of workshop on €Generic Medicine, IP/Legal & Regulatory Issues € for Management Forum, London, October 2007
  • Presenter of seminar on €Pharmaceutical Patents and their effects on Generics € for MK Consultancy, Istanbul, October 2007
  • Speaker at Informa congress on €Legal Strategies for Developing Generic Medicines € on the topic of €The regulatory framework for biosimilars €, Amsterdam, July 2007
  • Presenter of symposium on €Intellectual Property and its effects on generic markets, Istanbul, March 2007
  • Speaker at €New Trends in Generic Medicine €, Istanbul, March 2007
  • Speaker at €Global Generics Summit €, London, February 2007
  • Speaker at Informa Generic Portfolio Management, Vienna, December 2006
  • Speaker at IIR 5th Global Generic Strategy symposium, Barcelona March 2006
  • Presenter of workshop on €Accelerating the Regulatory Process €, November 2005
  • Chairman and Speaker on €The Generics Marketplace € Management Forum symposium, November 2005
  • Speaker on €The Generics Marketplace € Management Forum symposium, November 2004
  • Speaker on €Impact of generics on branded industry € at BHBIA symposium, June 2004
  • Chairman of Independent Ethics Committee for Shandon Clinic 1997-December 2000


    • Report €Commercialisation of Biosimilars- Maximising Marketing Opportunities € (FirstWord), December 2013
    • Report on Biobetters: Major Players and Market Prospects (FirstWord ), September 2011
    • Contributed to a series of reports on various topics with Decision Resources during 2009 and 2010 including:
        • U.S. Healthcare Reform: Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry
        • Licensing Opportunities: Neurology
        • Licensing Opportunities: Rheumatology
        • Drug Price/Cost Debate: Coping with Escalating Pricing Pressures
    • Research paper :   €Asia: Threat or Opportunity? € (Decision Resources Inc), May 2008
    • Report: €Indian Generics, 2008-2012: The Growing Threat to Westernised Markets € (Spectra Intelligence), Published: January 2008
    • Article €Practical Defense Strategies for Combating Generics Competition € published by Spectrum (Decision Resources Inc), July 2007
    • Article €An Exploration of Consolidation in the Generics Industry € published by Decision Resources, December 2005
    • Report €US and European Prescription Generic Markets € for Arrowhead Publishing, July 2005
    • Report €Generics Defence Strategies € published by Business Insights, January 2005
    • Report €Growth Strategies in Generics € published by Reuters Business Insight, July 2004
    • Report €The European Generics Outlook € published by Reuters Business Insight, April 2003
    • Report €European Generics Markets €, published by Informa Pharmaceuticals, October 2000

Previous employment experience

March 1996 to Nov 1997 - RANBAXY (UK) Ltd, London as UK General Manager.

    Responsibilities and achievements included:

  • Developing a strategic plan for expansion of Ranbaxy's sales in the UK generic market
  • Creating the innovative and attractive new €Big Blue R € packaging design
  • Managing the re-introduction of the entire Rima Pharmaceuticals generic range under the new Ranbaxy €Big Blue R € label.
  • Setting up warehousing, distribution and invoicing arrangements using external logistics organisation
  • Producing price lists, customer mailing lists, advertising materials and promotional concepts
  • Recruiting a National Sales Manager, Salesmen, Product Manager, Regulatory Officer
  • Negotiating contract manufacturing business with other generic companies in the UK
  • Successful launch of generic Cefaclor (=Eli Lilly €™s DISTACLOR) which represented the first ever launch of an Indian pharmaceutical product onto the UK market
  • Taking sales from zero to over £3m Sterling in one year and approaching break-even within 12 months

July 1993 to March 96- Interpharm Consultancy - Running own independent pharmaceutical consultancy specialising in providing advice to small and medium sized companies in various European countries on international marketing strategies, product sourcing, assisting with development of promotional materials and translation services.

January 89-July 93 H.N.Norton (Formerly Harris Pharmaceuticals), Harlow, Essex

  • European Sales and Marketing Manager for the whole range of unbranded generic products
    •  Geographical area of responsibilities covered Western and Eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia, Israel and New Zealand
  • Responsibilities included:
    • developing a strategic plan for expansion of Norton's sales in both Western and Eastern Europe and setting up Norton Poland
    • liaising with Regulatory department to develop priorities for product registration on a country-by-country basis
    • selection of companies to act as distributors in the specific countries
    • negotiation of contracts with distributors, licensees and licensors
    • maintenance of commercial contacts with selected distributors and other agents.
    • arranging marketing and promotional support, developing promotional materials for distributors
    • liaison with Product Development Departments for Inhalation and solid-dose formulations
    • acting as Trademarks Manager, building, computerising and maintaining a Trademarks database

  December 87- December 88   Evans Medical Ltd, Horsham

    • European Business development Manager with responsibility for the entire range of generics and vaccines in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. Activities included:
    • Establishing an overall development plan for the company in my territories
    • Re-establishing contacts with former customers and creating contacts with new customers.
    • Coordinating registration activities in the relevant territories.
    • Licensing-in products for Evans

March 83-December 87  A.H.Robins Ltd, London

  • Working in the European Regional Management Office as Assistant Marketing Manager for Europe.  This office was responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of subsidiaries in UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and associated companies in West Europe.  Activities included:
  • Monitoring sales and marketing plans, activities, annual budgets and achievements
  • June 78-November 82  Koppel & Co. Ltd-Chemitrade, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Working in the Pharmaceutical Department representing Hoechst A.G. and subsidiaries including Roussel-UCLAF; selling bulk raw materials to the local pharmaceutical industry, medical representative work, Product Management, product registration.
  • August 77-June 78 Plantex-Ikapharm, Kfar-Saba, Israel
  • Area Export Manager for Western Europe, selling the company's range of alkaloids and therapeutic plant extracts as raw materials for European manufacturers.
  • August 74-June 77  Roussel Laboratories, London
  • Sales Correspondent and subsequently Sales Representative in the Chemical Sales Department, selling bulk raw materials on behalf of Hoechst, Roussel-UCLAF, Sandoz and as well as spot dealing.
  • September 73 - July 74 Courtaulds Limited, Coventry
  • Conducting research on UV stabilisation of vinyl copolymers in Synthetic Fibres Research Department


  • October 70-June 73 at U.M.I.S.T.  obtaining B.Sc.(Honours)  in Chemistry (Polymer Chemistry)
  • September 63-June 70 at Manchester Grammar School obtaining A-Levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: Member of British Institute of Management (1985-2001)


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